What type of computer equipment do I need to use?

At minimum you will need regular access to a personal computer and/or mobile device with an up-to-date web browser, and reliable Internet access.  All recent versions of FireFox, Chrome, and Safari  should work well. Internet Explorer older than IE 9 may not work with all features.  Smart Cell Phones and other mobile devices  may be adequate for many activities, but may not work with all resources provided by instructors or with every activity in a course. Javascript and cookies need to be enabled.

Some courses require additional software.  The instructor should inform you at the beginning of the course whether additional software is needed to complete course assignments.

  1. Some courses may require assignments to be posted in Microsoft Office format. If so students need to have access to a copy of Office 2010, or a compatible package.  This software should be available on most desktops on campus.
  2. Some instructors may include resources using Java applets. You will need a to have a recent version of Java RTE plug-in installed on your computer or a Java enabled device for these courses. Java is not require for all courses and most activities.
  3. Instructors may post materials in PDF format.  You may need to install a recent Adobe Acrobat or Kindle plug-in or app to view these materials.
  4. Instructors may also include audio, video or Flash activities in the course.  These resources normally will require updated versions of free Adobe Flash Player to be installed on a computer. Many mobile devices may not be able to display these resources.
  5. Courses may contain links to outside web sites.  Concordia has no way of knowing what may be required to view those sites. Instructors and students should exercise caution when using or installing software from external sites.
  6. As with all traditional courses, instructors may specify required textbooks or publisher access codes the will be listed at the Concordia Virtual bookstore, and may also be available from other sources.

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