On-line Procedures

This is a collection of procedures that should be followed by Concordia College students, faculty and staff to provide a productive learning experience in on-line and web enabled courses at Concordia College Alabama.


Before beginning any work on an on-line course, students and faculty need to obtain an email account from the campus IT office. Students should review the Instructions for students in on-line courses to make sure that they are aware their responsibilities and the resources they have available. All users should  review the Privacy policy. The Concordia email should be used to resolve any problems regarding logins and course registration.

In order to assure the quality of on-line courses at CCAL it is necessary to have policies regarding the creation of courses and the review of materials to ensure that the learning outcomes are comparable to a traditional course.

The process for a new on-line course normally will adhere to the Development cycle that begins the semester prior to launch. General policies for teaching on-line courses are found in the Faculty Handbook for On-line Teaching. The administration of the college has the responsibility to provide for the required IT infrastructure.