On-line Procedures

This is a collection of procedures that should be followed by Concordia College students, faculty and staff to provide a productive learning experience in on-line and web enabled courses at Concordia College Alabama.

Instructions for students in on-line courses

Students who are enrolled in on-line courses have the responsibility to

  1. obtain a campus email account and protect their user name and password
  2. maintain access to the Internet to access their on-line courses,
  3. make sure that they have updated computer and other devices to use,
  4. cooperate with the faculty to verify learning and student identity
  5. be present in person on campus for the midterm and final exam scheduled by the instructor
  6. participate in learning opportunities for utilizing on-line resources

In order to assist students in effective learning Concordia College provides the following resources for students

  1. Access to faculty and staff of the college through the campus email, student portal, and learning management system.
  2. An on-line course available to the students at registration that will prepare them by familiarizing them with the on-line learning management system.
  3. Information Technology staff available by email (support@ccal.edu) and by telephone during normal business hours.
  4. Library resources and staff are accessible through the campus website while the Ellwanger-Hunt Resources Center is open, and electronic resources are always available.

This is merely an overview of resources and procedures that affect the student. Students should complete and refer to the on-line student orientation course for more detailed information.