On-line Procedures

This is a collection of procedures that should be followed by Concordia College students, faculty and staff to provide a productive learning experience in on-line and web enabled courses at Concordia College Alabama.

IT infrastructure

The college currently provides for the information technology needs of the campus in Selma. Students, faculty, and staff are provided with email accounts and access to educational records on servers that are located on the campus in Selma. The servers are accessible are on campus through the campus Ethernet and wireless network. Servers are also accessible off campus through the campus Internet connection which has limited band width. Off campus students would be better served by servers that were collocated off campus.

For the college to expand its on-line program it will be necessary to budget for providing services. The Internet connection for the campus needs to be increased to provide for better access of residential students to off site resources on the Internet (improved bandwidth). In order to provide better services for off campus students, provision should be made for providing services from an off campus location. 

Server Hardware [edit]

The campus houses several physical servers in the IT room in Wright Complex. Most of these servers support multiple applications using visualization. The current servers are operating at capacity and it would be helpful to have more resources to use. The servers are also subject to power outages. The current backup power is not working adequately. Disk space and memory are short. Much of the hardware is ageing. Additional hardware both on and off campus need to be added in the near future.

Email [edit]

Current email is also self hosted in the Wright Complex. IT staff issues students accounts and changes passwords for them. This serves as verification of student identity. Students in a fully on-line program may not be able to come to campus for these services. There needs to be a method to change password and verify identity.

Learning Management Services [edit]

The learning management system is currently self hosted. Increasing students and courses will place more load on the server and will require more disk space. to accommodate substantially more students and extensive video conferencing. The current network and servers and designed to serve the campus community. Students in on-line courses may be better served by hosting the system or parts of the system off site.

The current system is based on Moodle, but includes several integrations for additional features. Turnitin is used to address plagiarism. Mahara provides integrated portfolios and BigBlueButton is available for web conferencing. If other features are needed by future programs, they can be added if demand is sufficient by the program.