On-line Procedures

This is a collection of procedures that should be followed by Concordia College students, faculty and staff to provide a productive learning experience in on-line and web enabled courses at Concordia College Alabama.

Development cycle

Concordia College recognizes that providing quality on-line instruction requires careful planning and preparation in order to ensure that learning objectives are achieved. Course development will follow the following cycle beginning the semester before the course is to be made available for students.

Week 1 The first week of each semesters the deans of each division will identify courses that should be available on-line the next semester. Courses that have been taught on-line previously will be reviewed. A list of new courses and courses that need revision will be compiled for review by Academic Affairs and approved. Sample syllabi will be provided for comparable courses (old syllabus for a traditional course).

Week 2 Faculty are identified to work on the development and review of courses during the semester. Full time faculty will have their administrative duties modified to accommodate the additional work load. Contracts may be given to adjuncts to compensate for development work.

Week 3-6 Faculty will participate in training in course development and design. Those who have experience will facilitate learning for newer faculty.

Week 7 Faculty will complete a syllabus for each on-line course which contains an outline of instructional methods, resources including textbook, media and test banks, a weekly schedule of topics and a list of activities for each of the sixteen weeks.

Week 8 The syllabi will be reviewed by individual divisions to verify that the course meets the learning objectives.

Week 9-10 The syllabus is used to develop the learning activities in a course. Discussion forums, quizzes, and other assignments are finalized. Rubrics and grading practices are also developed for all assignments.

Week 12 Faculty will be assigned to peer review each of the courses and to provide feedback to evaluate whether learning objectives are met, instructions are clear, and activities are usable.

Week 13 Based on the reviews the divisions will decide whether the courses are ready to be placed on the schedule for preregistration, and faculty will be assigned to teach them. Courses requiring significant modification will not be put on the schedule, but will be revised for inclusion at a later date.

Week 14-15 Courses are revised to meet to address recommendations. Faculty that may be teaching the courses, but are not part of the development process will participate in training and assist with the modifications.

Week 16 Courses are finalized. Adjustments are made to the schedule including possible addition of courses not available in preregistration.