On-line Procedures

This is a collection of procedures that should be followed by Concordia College students, faculty and staff to provide a productive learning experience in on-line and web enabled courses at Concordia College Alabama.

Privacy policy

Concordia College Alabama protects the privacy of personal information of students and other users on the HELP system. It is important that all users respect and protect that information.

Using the system requires users to identify themselves with the Concordia College email usernames and passwords. It is important that all users keep their log in credentials secure. Users will be held accountable for actions performed using those credentials. Servers utilize SSL encryption to protect user information from interception.

Concordia College maintains records of user interactions on the system and information submitted by students in the completion of course work and other activities. This information is protected by the college's privacy policy on academic records. Information requests for individuals are only released to third parties based on that policy. Information will be accessible to Concordia administrators and staff to improve performance of its on-line learning.

Some user information is released to third party sites which are integrated with the system including Turnitin and some textbook publishers. The use of information on those sites are governed by their own terms of service. There is also an integration with Google Docs. Students should be aware that any information there may be shared with people outside of Concordia College. Concordia College is not able to control the use of information by outside sites.

Concordia College reserves the right to update these procedures as needed.